Once your order is paid:  

          Residential Orders:  5-7 Business Days (FedEx Ground)                           

                Freight Orders:  10-14 Business Days  (Freight Carriers Vary)  

Express Deliveries may be available in your area.  Contact our office at 1.800.841.5580 M-F, 9am - 5pm EST.    

Please note:  Your order may have more than one box being delivered.  Your order ships out of our warehouse altogether.  However, this does not mean you receive all of your boxes from one FedEx delivery driver.  You may receive each box from a different truck driver.  

Example:  You ordered three 500 sq ft Good Kits.  3 boxes will be sent out of our warehouse onto the FedEx pick up truck.  It is now the responsibility of FedEx to get these delivered to you.  This might end up with 3 separate trucks delivering one box each.  Please make sure you have your order confirmation to be able to inventory all items being delivered.     

If you have Poly 200 in your order:   This will always be delivered separately from your other boxes in your order.  Because  Poly 200 is a hazardous material, it is required that a certified driver delivers this to you and obtains a signature upon delivery.  Poly 200 is NOT returnable/refundable.