Difference in color or shading of topcoat.


Retouching after 15 minutes: Color float issues arise when a pigmented epoxy has been applied and is re-touched or rolled again after sitting for 15 minutes or longer. Different shades in the color may result.

Using different batch numbers: Coloring can vary from batch to batch. Different batches used on the same project can result in color variances.


Back roll the entire area always using an 18”, woven, shed-resistant, 3/8” nap roller. Always try to go across the entire area from side-to-side.

When possible, recoats should always be completed with the same coating batch, if batches are different, blend colored (Part A) side first before adding Hardener.


If material needs to be re-touched or rolled for any reason, it needs to be done within 10 minutes of application.

Different batch numbers:

Always check to make sure that you have the same batch number on the pigmented side of the product prior to adding the hardener.