Fish eyes are round separations or indentions in the coating finish. They look like a crater with a rim around the perimeter and contain a small dot in the center. This is what gives it the name “fish eye”


Oil/Grease contaminants: This can cause the epoxy to work improperly and fish eyes to appear.

Silicone: Contamination from silicone can cause fish eyes to appear.



• Remove the coating by grinding or another suitable method.

• Clean substrate; remove all oil/grease contamination.

• Recoat the entire area.


• For isolated areas, sand with 60 grit sandpaper or diamond grind.

• For wide spread fish eye problem, remove the coating.

• Use solvent to remove contaminants from substrate.

• Recoat entire area.


Oil/Grease: De-grease the surface properly using appropriate product. If it cannot be entirely removed, use a suitable oil-stop primer.