The epoxy does not fully cure, or remains soft/tacky 24 hours after application.


• Improper mix ratios

• Improper mixing methods

• Cold ambient temperatures


• Remove the uncured coating down to the clean substrate by using solvent, scraping or mechanical grinding. Follow safety instructions on solvent.

• Reapply the epoxy coating per Product Data Sheet.

• Never apply epoxy over uncured material.


Improper Mixing Ratio: Always read and follow the printed information on the product containers or the Product Data Sheet. Use buckets that have pre-printed measuring guides to insure the proper mix ratio.

Improper Mixing Methods: Always mix the base “Part A” side first thoroughly. Then combine with the Hardener “Part B”. Always mix for 3 minutes using a jiffy mixing paddle, never a drywall mud mixing blade. Never flip buckets upside down on the floor to drain. This could result in sticky spots.

Cold Ambien Temperatures: This will cause slower than normal drying times. This can cause air bubbles and blisters since the epoxy will remain thick and prevent vapor in the floor from escaping. Make sure the room is brought to suitable temperatures for at least 2 full days prior application.

Cold Surface Temperatures: Floors that are 55 degrees or lower will greatly affect the drying time of the epoxy. It can also hurt the physical performance properties of the epoxy. A cold surface can also cause adhesion issues with your project. Make sure the floor is at least 60 degrees for a minimum of 2 days prior to application