The epoxy does not fully cure, or it is still soft/sticky after 24 hours.


• Improper mixing ratio

• Improper mixing

• Material was cold

• Cold ambient temperatures

• Cold surface temperatures


• Remove the uncured coating down to the clean substrate by using solvent wiping, scraping and grinding or blasting. Follow all safety precautions.

• Recoat the entire floor following Product Data Sheets.

• Never apply over uncured material.


Improper Mix Ratio: Always read and follow the mix ratios on the bucket labels and/or the Products Data Sheets. Use mixing containers that have printed measuring devices on them.

Improper Mixing: Always mix the pigmented side thoroughly before adding the Hardener. Always use a jiffy style mixer and never a drywall mixing blade. Never turn buckets upside down on the floor to drain. This will allow unmixed product to seep onto the floor from the bucket walls result in sticky spots.

Cold Materials: Cold materials will result in slower than normal cure times and can affect their appearance when dry. Cold material is difficult to mix, roll out and to level out. Product should always be allowed to acclimate to.