Flakes that are broadcast evenly are extremely important in the look of the overall project.

Always present the client a sample board to view the approximate amount of chips that will be used in their project.


• Not taking the proper time to allow for even distribution of the flakes.

• Crushing the flakes in your hand as you broadcast them.

• Using the flake particles that have settled to the bottom of the container.


• Grind or sand the floor dull.

• Vacuum the debris from sanding.

• Reapply the epoxy per directions and reapply the flakes.


• Use a small bucket when carrying the flakes out onto the floor area.

• Do not crush the flakes when grabbing. Loosely grab and throw the flakes high into the air over the epoxy floor.

• Gradually move around the entire area, broadcasting flakes instead of standing in one area for too long.